The iPhone 15 will reportedly bring back a fan favorite iPhone 12 color

iPhone 12 colors on an orange background
The iPhone 12 was available in six colors (Image credit: Future / Apple)

The launch of Apple’s iPhone 15 line is edging closer, and we’re now beginning to build a clearer picture of the iPhone 15 colors set to be offered for the soon-to-be best iPhones.

We’ve long heard that this year’s Pro-exclusive color will be dark red, and a new Weibo post – spotted by 9to5Mac – further corroborates this rumor by claiming that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will indeed be available in a “crimson” shade. This dark red hue “may be a little lighter” than the Deep Purple color currently featured on the iPhone 14 Pro, the Weibo leaker notes, “but still very deep.”

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will reportedly get their own exclusive color option, too. The same Weibo leaker states that Apple will offer both phones in a mint-like green color described as being “close to the green of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.”

Apple didn't offer up a green option on the iPhone 14 line, so it’s good to hear that the company could be preparing to offer its next vanilla models in this undeniably fresh-sounding shade.

iPhone 12 in Green on blue background

The iPhone 12 in Green (Image credit: Future / Apple)

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of a green iPhone’s return, either. The same Weibo user who correctly leaked the existence of the yellow iPhone 14 also suggested, back in June, that the iPhone 15 will ship in a Cyan color option.

Sure, cyan is more turquoise than mint green, but leakers are nonetheless in agreement that we’ll be seeing something close to the green of the iPhone 12 return with the iPhone 15. 

The iPhone 15 looks set to borrow a handful of other features from previous iPhones, too. According to rumors, all four iPhone 15 models will get slightly curved edges, which is a design decision we haven’t seen Apple take since the days of the iPhone 11.

When it comes to the standard iPhone 15, specifically, we’re all but certain that the iPhone 15 will get an iPhone 14 Pro-style matte glass rear panel, as well as a 48MP main camera – a feature which has remained a fixture of Apple’s Pro level iPhones since the iPhone 13 Pro.

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