The iPhone 15 might get a premium makeover

Apple iPhone 14 power button
An iPhone 14 (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanpff)

The iPhone 14 line could hardly be accused of not looking and feeling high-end, but for the iPhone 15 line Apple might make its phones even more premium.

That’s according to leaker ShrimpApplePro (via Phone Arena), who tweeted that the iPhone 15 will have titanium sides. That’s a premium material that’s more expensive than the aluminum used by the iPhone 14, or even the stainless steel used by the iPhone 14 Pro.

But that’s not all, the source also claims that the back edge of the sides will be rounded, so the frame will curve into the rear of the phone, unlike current models which have more of a right-angle.

The back, meanwhile, will apparently still be glass, with ShrimpApplePro saying in a follow up tweet that 'this design will create a really beautiful edge transition from the back to the camera bump.'

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All of that said, you should certainly take this leak with a pinch of salt, as it’s very early for iPhone 15 leaks, as the source themselves points out; even they don’t sound completely confident in there own information, as a result.

We also wouldn’t expect the entire iPhone 15 line to use titanium, even if this does turn out to be true. The source simply says 'the iPhone 15', implying that this material might be used by every model, but it’s premium enough that we think that’s very unlikely.

More likely, it will just be used by the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max (or iPhone 15 Ultra – as that phone might be called). In fact, it’s very possible that only the latter of those will use titanium, especially as another leaker has previously said precisely that.

Analysis: what’s so good about titanium?

Why switch to titanium at all? Well, it’s both far stronger and much lighter than stainless steel. So, Apple could theoretically both increase the durability and reduce the weight of any iPhone models that it graces a titanium frame with – a move we'd fully endorse.

However, these upsides come at a cost – literally, as titanium is also far more expensive than stainless steel, costing around $35 to $50 per kilogram, according to Aesteiron Steels, while stainless steel costs just $1 to $1.50.

As such, titanium tends to be relegated to luxury products, or things that really need it, such as aircraft parts. So, if any iPhone 15 models do use titanium, this change in material should unquestionably be seen as an upgrade, just one that’s likely to make the next generation even more expensive than the current crop of best iPhones.

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