iPhone 15 colors: every shade, including the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15
The five iPhone 15 color vaiants stacked next to each other, we have Black, blue, green, yellow and pink. (Image credit: Apple)

There are a lot of factors for you to consider when you’re buying a new iPhone 15. Should you go for the base model, the larger iPhone 15 Plus, the more powerful iPhone 15 Pro, or the bigger and better iPhone 15 Pro Max? How much storage should you opt for? Do you need Apple Care?

And, perhaps most importantly, what iPhone 15 color should you go for?

To help you make a decision on that last one, here’s a breakdown of every single iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro color option. We're even adding pictures to show you exactly what your new phone will look like. 

From pink to natural titanium there are quite a few different iPhone 15 options to choose from (nine in all). Here they are…

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus colors

If you’re looking to purchase an iPhone 15 or its larger sibling, the iPhone 15 Plus, then you’ll have a choice between five options. Below you’ll find a closer look at each of the shades. 


The black Apple iPhone 15 on a screen in a warehouse with a person stood in front

(Image credit: Apple)

A classic color you can expect the iPhone to come in is black, and the iPhone 15 is no different with this dark casing. Unfortunately, there's no white or steel gray option, but you can pick up a range of colorful lighter options that we outline down below.


The pink Apple iPhone 15 with its camera lenses exploding off in a controlled way

(Image credit: Apple)

If you want to give off Barbie vibes with your iPhone 15 without donning a protective case then you can pick up the gadget in this new pink variant. 

This shade thankfully looks pretty similar to the new pink that the Apple Watch 9 comes in, which should make creating a matching fit a breeze if you pick up both.


The back of a yellow iPhone 15 being held by the hand of TechRadar's Lance Ulanoff. It's been picked up off a white table.

(Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

This light yellow gives the iPhone 15 a summery look that we love. Yellow can be a tough color to get right on phone chassis, but this shade is a pretty choice that looks less banana-like than the iPhone 14's yellow option.


The back and front sides of the blue iPhone 15 next to each other. The screen has blue blibs n it and we can see the two camera sensors.

(Image credit: Apple)

This shade of light blue won't be everyone's preferred option (we would have liked a deeper, darker blue) but it could be just what you're after if you're a fan of bright playful colors.

Some pictures make it look almost white, so it could be the model to pick up if you're disappointed that color option is unavailable.


The back of a green iPhone 15 being held by the hand of TechRadar's Lance Ulanoff. It's held up in front of a blurred out crowd.

(Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

Rounding out the color options is light green. Much like the blue variant we would have maybe preferred a deeper shade, but a lot of people are going to love it, and you might be one of them.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max colors

The four iPhone 15 color options stcaked next to each other. We see black, white, blue and natural titanium finishes.

The iPhone 15 Pro colors (Image credit: Apple)

Those of you who are instead looking to pick up a souped-up iPhone 15 Pro or the iPhone 15 Pro Max can choose from four titanium color variants. Here’s how each of them looks.

Black titanium

The black titanium Apple iPhone 15 Pro on a screen in a futuristic looking warehouse

(Image credit: Apple)

Less black and more dark gray based on the images we've seen, this black titanium has a vibe that we've seen on iPhones before but it's one we're still in love with.

Plus, as with all the other iPhone 15 Pro models, this phone has a metallic finish that screams futuristic. Apple promises the titanium phones don't just look cool but are durable and light too.

Blue titanium

Apple iPhone 15 Pro color options floating on the screen next to each other, a person is stood next to them in a larger futuristic warehouse

The blue model is the third from the left (Image credit: Apple)

If you're after a darker metallic look you can also opt for the blue titanium iPhone 15 Pro. We love this space-like look and you might too.

Like the rest of the iPhone 15 Pro models it oozes premium and avoids straying tacky despite the slightly shiny metallic finish.

Natural titanium

The natural titanium Apple iPhone 15 on a screen in a futuristic looking warehouse

(Image credit: Apple)

 Natural titanium looks kinda like a metallic beige, but it has a futuristic quality that makes it look more interesting than our description gives it credit. 

It's probably our least favorite of the iPhone 15 Pro color options, but you're the one buying the iPhone. If you love this shade than it's the one you should be picking up.

White titanium

All four Apple iPhone 15 Pro colors stacked next to each other

The white one is the second from the left (Image credit: Apple)

Maybe it's just the images Apple has released, but the white and natural titanium iPhone 15 Pros look very similar. Hopefully in person it looks more white.

Currently, this is your only way to pick up a white model of any kind of iPhone 15, which is kind of a shame if you're a fan of the classic shade but don't want to splash out.

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