Google Pixel Fold preorders now live at AT&T and Verizon: get up to $900 off

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Google Pixel Fold preorders have now opened at major carriers and there are some pretty awesome deals to check out for upgraders and switchers alike.

First up, Verizon is currently offering a whopping trade-in rebate of up to $900 off for both existing and new customers, plus the option to bundle in a free cellular Google Pixel Watch - a freebie worth $400 by itself. 

Over at AT&T, the carrier is simply offering a huge 50% price cut on the device when you pair it with an unlimited data plan, bringing the price down to just $25 (was $52) per month. Considering no trade-ins are needed with this particular promotion at AT&T, we'd say it's one of the more generous cell phone deals at the carrier right now.

The Google Pixel Fold is available to preorder at both carriers right now but note that devices won't be shipped until July 18th so there's around a month's wait for delivery.

Google Pixel Fold preorders at major carriers

Google Pixel Fold: get up to $900 off with a trade-in, plus a free Google Pixel Watch at Verizon

Google Pixel Fold: get up to $900 off with a trade-in, plus a free Google Pixel Watch at Verizon
Verizon's first-ever Google Pixel Fold deal is here and it's offering an excellent combination of a trade-in rebate of up to $900 off plus the option to bundle in a free Google Pixel Watch. An unlimited plan is needed to be eligible for this deal and you'll also need to get a line for the Pixel Watch if you choose to bundle it in but you're potentially looking at an added value of $1,200 with this particular deal.

Google Pixel Fold: $52.23 $25 per month with unlimited data plan at AT&T

Google Pixel Fold: $52.23 $25 per month with unlimited data plan at AT&T
AT&T's opening Pixel Fold deal forgoes the usual trade-in for a huge (over 50%) monthly saving on the device. While you'll need an unlimited data plan to be eligible for this device saving, the barrier of entry is quite low with this one considering you don't need to hand over a highly valued old device to be eligible for a saving.

Which is the better deal right now?

  • AT&T's deal has more relaxed eligibility criteria
  • Verizon's freebie is worth $400 by itself

Tough one - both are great and offer different options for different people. Of the two, the AT&T deal is the more obtainable since it doesn't need the usual trade-in to be eligible, simply a new line on an unlimited data plan. On the other hand, the Verizon deal does offer a free cellular Google Pixel Watch that's worth $400 by itself. While you'll need to pay for a separate line for the Watch with this promo (so it's not technically free), it's a pretty handy little gadget to have if you're interested.

Is the Google Pixel Fold worth preordering?

Google Pixel Fold back partially unfolded

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It's too early to say whether the Google Pixel Fold will come top on our best Google Pixel phones buyer's guide - especially since it's more of a niche device that breaks away from the usual value-orientated design for Pixel devices. These deals are great value on paper, however, and a good option if you're looking to try out a foldable device without the huge associated cost. 

So far, our Google Pixel Fold hands-on review has been positive and we particularly like the thinness and overall premium design of the handset. It won't appeal to those who simply want a pocket-friendly value device (as with all foldables), but it's going to be great if you can make the most of the screen real estate with productivity apps or streaming content.

Stay tuned for our full review here at Techradar, where we'll be thoroughly benchmarking the device and putting it through its paces during daily use.

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