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The best USB-C adapters 2019: the best deals for Macbook Pros and laptop users

best USB-C adapters

So you've just spent quite a lot of money on a new laptop and discovered you're going to need a USB-C adaptor to use your USB drives, camera memory cards, external display, ethernet cable or charge the laptop while using another USB-C device. Fear not dear reader, as we've rounded up the best USB-C adaptors on the net and we'll even show you where to get them for the best price.

If you're planning on picking up a new laptop, it might be a good idea to get a USB-C adaptor in advance, so you're ready to start using it the moment it arrives.

The need for USB-C adaptors is a rather irritable side-effect of progress at the moment with many modern laptops and MacBooks shunning old ports in favour of the newer multi-faceted USB-C format. If like us, and pretty much every laptop user on the planet though, you still want to use your laptop accessories - that's where these multi-function USB-C adapters come in.

We've included a range that come with multiple ports to cover as many bases as possible while keeping the price down. We've also listed USB-C adapters rather than hubs, too, to keep the selection friendlier for portable options. And technically, despite some naming conventions at retailers, USB-C hubs are a different product, geared more towards attaching multiple displays along with restoring all your missing ports.

USB-C adaptors are smaller and cheaper and are generally limited to displaying external monitors at 60fps (frames-per-second) at 1080p or 30fps on a 4K display. So if you want to run 60fps on a 4K or 5K monitor (we're looking at you, fancy video editing types on MacBooks) then you'll be much better suited checking out our collection of the best USB-C hubs and docks.

The best USB-C adapters and deals

cheap USB-C adapter hubs kingston nucleum

(Image credit: Kingston)

Kingston Nucleum USB-C adapter

A great all-rounder at an affordable price

Ports: 2 USB 3.0, 2 USB-C, 4K HDMI, SD/Micro cards | Passthrough charging: Yes | Weight: 136g | Power: 60w

Passthrough charging
Solid build quality
Extra USB-C port
Main cable can't be removed

Need a durable USB-C adapter with more than one USB-C port and plenty of legacy options covered too? Then you should take a look at the Kingston Nucleum. The lack of an ethernet port won't matter to most users and its absence allows Kingston's USB-C adapter to keep a slim design so you won't mind carrying it around with your laptop. In addition to a sturdy two-year Kingston warranty, there's an aluminium casing around the device too giving it a real solid feel that should be able to stand up to getting thrown into your day bag on a daily basis. And the Nucleum doesn't need to run off your charger's power either, so using it on the go with just the laptop's battery is all good. 

Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port USB-C Adapter V2

Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter V2

So many port options

Ports: 3 USB 3.0, 1 USB-C, 4K HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, SD/Micro cards | Passthrough charging: Yes | Weight: 118g | Power: 60w

An abundance of ports
Passthrough charging
Stylish design
One one USB-C port

The Satechi aluminium multi-port adapter V2 is one of the best USB-C adapter hubs on the market right now. Sure, it's a little pricey, but the sheer number of ports means this is the last one you'll need to buy as modern laptops and MacBooks head towards an inconvenient USB-C only future. The ports are nicely spaced too, so it doesn't become difficult to access them if you're going to be swapping things around or need to use the memory card slots.

HyperDrive Type C Adapter USB-C

HyperDrive Type C 7-in-1 Adapter

Lots of ports and attaches to the side of the laptop

Ports: 2 Thunderbolt USB-C, 2 USB 3.1, 4K HDMI, Micro/SD card, 3.5mm audio | Passthrough charging: Yes | Power: 100w | Weight: 45g

Attaches directly to the laptop
Packed with ports...
...but no ethernet

This USB-C adapter is super thin and attaches directly to the laptop rather than dangling from a cable. it's an excellent fit for the most svelte of modern laptops and MacBooks, although the small-form leaves no room for an ethernet port. That's not why most of you want a USB-C adapter though and this one covers all of the other bases with ease. There's even a 3.5mm audio port, which we don't see on many USB-C adapters, especially for such a decent price. The 3.5mm jack connector folds away if your laptop doesn't have the port alongside the USB-slot, so feel free to buy this for any laptop including the top of the line XPS 13, MacBook Pros, Pixelbooks and more. The 100w power rating is especially handy for larger MacBook Pros as it'll allow for full-on passthrough charging rather than trickle charging.

HooToo USB-C adapter

HooToo USB-C adapter

Fantastic value for money

Ports: 3 USB 3.0, 1 USB-C, 4K HDMI, SD card | Passthrough charging: Yes | Power: 100w | Weight: 181g

All the essential ports
Cheaper than many rivals
No ethernet port

The HooToo USB-C adapter might not bear a brand-name as recognisable as some of the other models on this page, but it's a solid performer and sensibly-priced to boot, especially given it's capable of powerful 100w passthrough charging. The lack of an ethernet port may irritate some users, but if Wi-Fi is good enough for your needs, and it is for most of us nowadays, then this USB-C adapter is fantastic value. Note: do check the spec on any of the products in our comparison chart below when you click through as some of the older HooToo USB-C adapters (priced around $20/£15) without an SD card reader and passthrough charging may appear at the cheaper end of the scale.

Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

For when the official product is all that'll do

Ports: Thunderbolt USB-C, 1 USB 3.0, 4K HDMI | Passthrough charging: Yes | Weight: 23g

Official high quality-build Apple product
Not many ports

If you're a loyal Apple superfan then you'll be wanting the official Apple USB-C adapter for your MacBook or MacBook Pro. There's no denying the excellent build quality Apple provides on its hardware and accessories, but this is very much a case of paying more for the label rather than the usefulness of the product itself. This official option is seriously lacking ports compared to the other USB-C adaptors on this page, which are often cheaper too. If you only need the three though and want the reliability of an official product, then you'll find the best prices below.

In the market for a new laptop? Be sure to check out our guide to the best laptops and MacBook deals. We've also got a fine roundup of the best USB-C monitors too.