Your deadline to grab a cheaper MacBook Pro USB-C dongle was just extended

As you’re doubtless aware, after Apple launched its new MacBook Pro in October, there was consternation over a number of issues including connectivity – and it seems that the company is treading very carefully around this area, with news that price cuts made to its USB-C adapters will run a good deal longer than first announced.

Following early complaints about the new notebook going all-in with USB-C and ditching all previously available ports – such as the mini DisplayPort and SD card slot – Apple tried to ease any bad feeling by dropping the price of most of its USB-C accessories (by as much as half) back in the first week of November. The initial plan was that these discounts would persist until the end of the year, i.e. next week.

However, Apple clearly believes it needs to continue dangling this particular connectivity carrot in front of would-be buyers of the new MacBook Pro because the company has extended the major discounts on adapters until March 31 of next year.

Three extra months

In other words, an offer which was intended to run for just two months is now going to last for five months. Allowing you to enjoy price cuts like the following for considerably longer:

Apple just quietly made this change to the discount period on its website, and hasn’t commented on any reasoning for the extension (not that we’d expect the company to say anything – it rarely does, after all).

More cynical types could perhaps wonder that if the new MacBook Pro was initially selling up a storm, as Apple has said, why would there be any need to extend an incentive scheme to help tempt upgraders to make the move to the new laptop? But that’s doubtless reading far too much into the situation.

Clearly, another few months of much cheaper USB-C adapters is a welcome boon for everyone invested in the Apple hardware ecosystem, so let’s just leave it at that.

Of course, it is worth noting that these offers are subject to stock availability and limited quantities, so there’s no fully guaranteeing the specific dongle you want will be fully discounted until the end of March.

Via: Mashable

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