You can now earn PSN credit from your PlayStation trophies

PlayStation Rewards is giving all the completionists out there yet another incentive to collect every in-game trophy: they can now be exchanged for credit to your PSN account. 

First discovered by Kotaku, it appears a new section has been added to the Sony Rewards website, where silver, gold and platinum trophies are assigned points which can then be redeemed for PSN account credit. Before you get too excited, though, it’s not all that much money. And it’s only in the US. 

Silver trophies earn 1 point each, gold trophies earn 10 points each and platinum trophies, as you’d expect, earn the most at 100 points each. Once you’ve collected 1000 points you can earn a $10 PSN voucher, which will get you a nice chunk off a new game or even nab you something in a sale. 

Trophy hunter

Collecting 1000 points will be no easy feat – that’s 10 platinum trophies. It’s nice, however, to feel that there are rewards to be gained from committing to playing games rather than just for buying them, which is largely how points have been earned on the Rewards program over the last four years

Xbox boss Phil Spencer even praised the new feature on Twitter, saying that it sounds like a “cool feature.” Despite the fact that the PlayStation Rewards scheme has been running exclusively in the US for a few years now, the addition of this new "cool feature" highlights that it's a real shame that it's not available on a more global scale. 

According to Kotaku, PSN user Roughdaw4 is currently top of the trophy leaderboard with 15,551 silver, 6,903 gold, and 1,359 platinum. If they were to cash all of these trophies in, they’d get a sum of $1583 to spend on the PSN store which makes for a nice number of new games.

To start taking advantage of the rewards, remember that you have to be in the US, signed up to the Sony Rewards program and have it linked to your PlayStation account. It appears that it’ll only be trophies earned after you’ve done this that will actually count for anything.

Emma Boyle

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