WIN! A power-assisted Hybrid PA bag

Win one of Live Luggage s new Hybrid PA bags and never feel the weight of a heavy suitcase on your travels or your hols ever again

This month TechRadar is offering you the opportunity to win one of our current favourite bits of travellers' tech – the new power-assisted Hybrid PA bag from Live Luggage.

Live Luggage's Hybrid PA Bag retails for £295 and, for regular travellers, is worth every single penny, as it makes use of some clever power-assisted wheels, taking the weight of your luggage and doing all the hard work for you. Just as power steering has revolutionised the three-point turn, Live Luggage's new Hybrid PA bag makes travel a far less tortuous ordeal.

Intelligent torque control

The Hybrid PA bag features an extendable "anti-gravity" handle that can pivot away from the case, with up to 85 per cent of the weight of the luggage automatically balanced over the bag's two powered wheels, which contain the "pancake motors" - so none of this new tech is wasted taking up valuable packing space.

The intelligent torque control system also features sensors in the anti-gravity handle to make your luggage feel as light as a feather. TechRadar has tried out Live Luggage's latest and we can vouch for the fact that it really is the ultimate travel gadget.

The bag's rechargeable battery will power travellers up for a mile and a half on one charge going uphill, and once you get to your destination (or to a welcome bar or café on route) you simply plug it in just like your mobile phone. Finally, the multi-bag design features separate, removeable laptop and weekend bags that zip together and can be used as single hand luggage.

The name's Bond...

It even has an umbrella included in the bag handle. Live Luggage's engineers really have thought of everything and have created that rare thing indeed - a bag you actually look forward to using. Q himself could not have designed a more perfect kitbag for James Bond!

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This competition is now closed. The winners are Sara Macey, Debbie Curwen and Kat Pope.