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Home taping didn't kill music

(Bad Science) Thank the seven heavens for Ben Goldacre, who once again takes on the forces of darkness and vested interest with the trusty swords of logic and cold hard facts. This time, his target is the bunch of shysters called the music business, specifically recent claims about the size of the damage downloading has wrecked on the music business.

Which, to put it mildly, isn't as bad as the latest batch of scare stories has it. As he puts it: "as far as I'm concerned, everything from this industry is false, until proven otherwise." He's right.

10 things you didn't know about Google's Search business

(Silicon Alley Insider) Some nice little insights and anecdotes we didn't previously know, like the first company to buy an ad through Google's Adwords business was a live mail-order lobster company. And, so obsessed is Google with the power of auctions, their own divisions bid for servers that way.

Magnetic force

(The Engineer) A neat feature about how steam catapaults used to launch aircraft from aircraft carriers, are due to be replaced with electromagnetic rail guns. Why? They're simpler, smaller, easier to control and let's face it, much cooler.

PC World's cover reveals the truth

(Flickr) A photo that will raise a smile on the faces of Mac tribalists everywhere.


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