Star Wars Scalextric drops out of hyperspace

Star Wars Scalextric
Stay on target, stay on target...

Hornby's Scalextric slot-racers have been given the Star Wars treatment with new sets featuring Darth Vader's TIE fighter and Luke Skywalker on a speeder bike.

The variety of Scalextric special editions is growing every day, and while Disney Pixar's Cars 2 or Olly the Little White Van might not take your fancy, these Star Wars themed ones just might.

Two sets are on the cards – Death Star Attack and Battle of Endor. Death Star Attack is from the Micro Scalextric range, with a 1:64 scale Lord Vader TIE Fighter head to head with a Luke Skywalker X-Wing. For night racers, the track glows in the dark and the spaceships both have working lights.

Ewoks not included

The Battle of Endor, meanwhile, is a 1:32 scale Scalextric Start set that sees Luke battling it out with a Scout Trooper on a 4.3 metre track with 'woodland features and accessories'. Sounds like plastic trees they've got the plastic trees covered, but sadly no mention of stray Ewoks to spice up the circuit.

If you're feeling very olympic today, Scalextric also has a special edition Team GB Track Cycling Velodrome set (Chris Hoy's legs not included).

Release date and pricing info is nowhere to be seen, but we've only just got through Christmas and it looks like we've already found the first item for this year's list.

via Toyology