One More Thing: The internet graduates to IPv6 today

One More Thing: The internet graduates to IPv6 today
IPv6: the world is different now. A bit

IP Freely - Happy IPv6 day everybody! Now, who do we speak to about instigating another bank holiday to celebrate the many trillions of new web addresses available? [

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Weight watcher - Dinosaurs will ask you not to comment on their weight, thank you very much. Particularly not so soon after the Jubilee weekend which saw them indulge in rather more Battenberg than they'd intended. What's that? You're saying they're lighter than we thought? And you worked it out using lasers? Okay, the dinosaurs say we're cool. [Telegraph]

Appt – Windows Phone isn't hanging around, topping 100,000 app submissions to its Marketplace with around 89,000 currently available. Quality, quantity, whatever. Context. [BGR]

Ursine - You're nobody 'til you've got your own app, so congratulations to Bear Grylls who is somebody now. His app, Survival Run, looks like "Temple Run With More Bear Grylls (And Indeed More Bears)", according to The Guardian. We're only vaguely aware of who Bear Grylls is, but we do like bears so fill your boots. [Guardian]

Wunderbar - Harry Potter author JK Rowling is penning a new Book of Spells for the PlayStation Wonderbook. That all just sounds massively made up, doesn't it? But no, the Wonderbook is real: it's a physical virtual real imaginary book thing that works with PlayStation Eye and Playstation Move and AR and, probably, QR codes and basically every other buzz word available. Just watch this video, you'll see: [CVG]

Move aside, the Queen - The Jubilee's over, it's time to focus all marketing budgets completely on the Olympics. YouTube's going to show the 'pics live but only across 64 territories in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Anyone in the UK not already sick to the eye teeth of the Games will be able to watch literally every minute of it via the BBC. Something something wake us when it's over. [Google Africa]

We don't want to give Michael Bay any ideas but… - Let's hope mobile devices never turn sentient and hope to wreak bloody revenge on their erstwhile masters, given that the number of devices connected to mobile phone networks is set to overtake the number of actual people on Earth within five years. So says Ericsson, anyway. We might just take the batteries out of all these old phones we have kicking around anyway, just to be safe. [Guardian]

Location location locationGoogle has patented a location aware assistant that is meant to work out where you're going to before you've got there, thus pushing relevant info to your phone (like traffic blocks, for example) as you travel there. Soon your brain truly will become redundant. [Engadget]

Technocat - Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette knows how to use an iPad. Well. TechRadar's office tortoise knows how to root a smartphone so whatevs, yeah Lagerfeld? [Vogue]

Bringing up baby - Anyone of a certain age whose Facebook feed has suddenly become a sea of babies and close-ups of their tiny toes and ridiculously small fingers and updates on their various achievements (yes, yours is the first baby ever to throw up/smile/crawl/laugh/talk/walk/pass an A level) will not be surprised by this study that found that 40% of mums use Facebook more after they give birth than before. [Telegraph]

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