One More Thing: Google Play hits 15 billion app downloads

One More Thing: Google Play hits 15 billion app downloads
Real transformer channels Judd Nelson

You can't, you won't and you don't stop – …downloading apps. The artist formerly known as the Android Market, Google Play has hit 15 billion app downloads since its inception in 2008. Here comes the inevitable Apple comparison: the iOS App Store is sitting pretty on more than 25 billion downloads. But hey, Google, it's still good. [TechCrunch]

Fight for your right – …to use the –ville suffix. Zynga's decided it's the only one allowed to use that particular assemblage of letters. The social gaming company is currently suing the developers behind PyramidVille because "Facebook users are likely to believe that


is a member of Zynga's 'Ville family of games". Watch out, Pleasant-, Psycho-, Jackson-, Gaines-, Amity-, Small- and Cruella de-. [



Some action from the back section – With no help from you and no help from me, this Transformer toy actually transforms. Presumably it's powered by the matrix that gives the autobots life. Or by magic. One of the two. [Kotaku]

In the next millennium I'll still be old school - Remember when it was about to be the millennium and everyone was all "OMG you guys! Millennium Bug! TOTAL NUCLEAR MELTDOWN!" and then everything was fine? That's how we see this whole toxic-caterpillar-threatens-Olympic-Games story playing out. [Gizmodo UK]

Putting all kinds of shame in the game you got – …if your game is driving or taking public transport when you could have walked, that is. Re:route is a new iOS app from Recycle Bank that promises to find you a greener, less congestion-y route to your London-based destination. You'll get points for taking the greener options which equate to money off at M&S, Planet Organics and Champneys. You can also share journeys with friends on Facebook if you want. Please don't though. [iTunes]

More rhymes than Jamaica got mangoes – The idea of digging a hole all the way through the earth may appeal to anyone who's ever balked at a long-haul airfare, but the reality is that digging is boring and, as Antipode Map shows, start anywhere on the British Isles and you'll just come up in the middle of the Indian Ocean. [Antipode Map]

Dip-dip-dive, so-socialise – Rockstar has relaunched its Social Club with a bunch of new social features, including redesigned profiles, new messaging systems, Facebook and Twitter integration and more. What a treat. [PR]


Money makin, money money makin – Rovio made $106 million (about £65.6 million) from Angry Birds and its associated merchandise in 2011. Lend us a fiver, will you Rovio? [BGR]

Time to get ill – The National Physical Laboratory released this video to explain the fundamentals of the first atomic clock waaaay back in 1955. Warning: contains education. [Via Boing Boing]

Beard like a billygoat – People spend more time on Facebook on their phone than they do on the computer. Could that be because they have their phone with them all the time but only spend a certain amount of time in front of a computer? If OMT had a beard, we'd be stroking it thoughtfully right now. [Cnet]

Bonus tech video of the day - Smartphone camera showdown!

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