Celebrating the innovations of the year in tech. issue 19

Celebrating the innovations of the year in tech. issue 19
Tracking down the next big thing

The latest issue of tech. is out today, and this week highlights the greatest innovations about to take the technology world by storm.

No-one stays at the top forever, which is why this week's issue is dedicated to the new technologies taking on Amazon, Apple, Intel and Sony.

One of the personalities leading this new wave of tech innovation is Elon Musk, the creator of PayPal who's now pushing SpaceX and Tesla into the stratosphere. With Musk merging cutting edge tech and amazing design, tech. asks could he be the next Steve Jobs?

Big bad brands

This issue of tech. also asks the question of whether the big names in tech are blocking the next super-brands coming through and whether early buyouts are a bad thing for tech lovers like us.

Of course, you'll find the usual blend of news, reviews and opinion, including the online outrage caused by the Steve Jobs manga artwork as well as tests of the HP Envy X2, Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 and the Nikon D7100 dSLR.

James Stables, associate editor of tech. was excited by this week's issue: "It's great to look to the future and get amped up about the tech that's on the horizon, which is what this issue is all about. We're sure our readers will hear a few new names, which we believe will be the super-brands of the future."

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