When does Amazon Prime Day end – and is it really the end?

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We’re well into day two of Amazon Prime Day 2023, and time is running out to bag yourself a deal. So just how much time do you have left? Well depends on where you're located, and below we'll give you the exact times for the US East and West coasts, the UK, and Australia. 

Unlike Black Friday, when we see deals running far beyond the end of the actual day itself and through the weekend into Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day ends at the close of the second day. Even if a particular brand extends its own offers, there's no guarantee that the best Amazon spotlight or lightning deals will go past the last day.

Here's when Prime Day 2023 will end in your time zone:

What time does Prime Day 2023 end?

For bargain hunters in the US, Amazon Prime Day 2023 ends at the following time:

  • 2.59am EDT on Thursday, July 13
  • 11.59pm PDT on Wednesday, July 12

As for folks shopping in Europe, Amazon has made the end of Prime Day relative to your time zone. Amazon UK's Prime Day ends at 11:59pm BST on Wednesday, July 12. French and German shoppers have until 11:59pm CEST, and so on.

Similarly, for those in Australia, Prime Day ends at 11:59pm AEST on Wednesday, July 12.

And how long do Prime Day deals last?

Good question. As we've mentioned, this year's Prime Day deals officially end at midnight on the second day. The good news is that Amazon will be continually releasing new deals between now and the close of Prime Day business, so there's plenty of time to bag a bargain.

Just bear in mind that these deals will run for differing amounts of time, depending on what type of Prime Day deal each one is, and on how long stock lasts.

There are two main types of Prime Day deal: 

Deals of the day
These promotions run for a set amount of time, or until the product sells out. New ones are released throughout the day, and you’ll see a timer on the product page, showing you have long you have left to claim each deal – and in reality, the good ones have been on sale for quite some time and are already selling out, so be quick.

Lightning deals
These are fast promotions in which a limited number of discounts are offered on an item for a short period. These deals don’t last long, but if you have Prime, you get 30-minute early access.

You’ll need a Prime membership to get access to most of these deals, but if you’re not signed up, you can still take part with a free 30-day trial of Prime. Amazon says it’ll be releasing lots of new deals throughout the entire 48-hour sale, so there’s still plenty of time left to grab a bargain. However, many deals have already sold out too so if you see something you like, it’s a good idea to grab it while you can. 

What to buy before Prime Day 2023 ends

You came here to find out when Prime Day ends, so clearly you're hoping to get some last-minute shopping in before Amazon metaphorically puts up the 'Closed' sign and shoos everyone off of the site. Below you'll find our pick of the best deals in the US and UK.

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