We must be ‘streaming: Chromecast will finally work with Apple TV Plus

(Image credit: Google)

Google announced today that its affordable new Chromecast with Google TV streaming dongle will be receiving an update that includes Apple TV early next year, allowing you to stream Apple TV Plus shows and movies on your Google streamer.

Apple TV will come first to the new Chromecast with Google TV devices and then eventually roll out to Android TV devices like the Sony A8H/AH8 OLED, Hisense H8G Quantum and Nvidia Shield TV as well. 

Even better, in a blog post about the announcement Google says that shows from Apple TV will show up in personalized recommendations and search results, and will allow you to save these titles to your Watchlist - i.e. it’s treating Apple TV content the same as it does content from Netflix and YouTube.

It's the second time in two weeks that the companies announced cross-compatible services (the first being when Google announced the arrival of Apple Music on Google Nest smart speakers) and shows that the once-rivals are now finding some common ground extending their services.

Apple content coming to a Google device near you

For owners of a Google device, the inclusion of Apple TV probably isn't going to be world-changing, but it will enable them to watch excellent shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show and Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet that they wouldn't otherwise have access to. 

It's also another step forward for two of the world’s largest tech giants. When the two companies cooperate and extend their services to each other's platforms, more people get to use said services. It's a win-win. 

For those of us with multiple streaming devices, it also means less time switching between inputs to get to the right device that has the service we're looking for - we're a small group, but we appreciate having all the services in one place.

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