Twitter Spaces to make it easier for users to share and discover: This is how

New updates underway for Twitter Spaces users
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Twitter Spaces, the audio feature from the micro-blogging site, has an issue of 'discoverability'. And just as well that Twitter has understood it, ands is making updates that will make Spaces easier to share and discover. 

Straight up, Twitter is adding a new option to enable Spaces participants to tweet directly from within a Space, with the relevant Space hashtag automatically populated within the new tweet.

Twitter is also adding search options within the Spaces tab, which it is testing with some users since last month (June).

Twitter said that on iOS it is putting new “guest management” controls that will let the hosts to know who is in a Space and who has requested to speak. In this direction, it has now put the control bar for participants on top of the guest management page so it is always accessible. Twitter has also added section state for Hosts to better see what type of participants they have in their space (including pending speaker requests).

Spaces search tab, if and when it is mainstreamed, will allow users to search for Spaces by title or the name or handle of a host.

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Twitter is regularly tweaking Spaces as competition from similar audio platforms is increasing sharply. Clubhouse, Spotify, Facebook are all closing in fast. It recently introduced Ticketed Spaces for creators to monetise easily on the platform. It has also added support for a web version of the audio tool.

For the record, to host Twitter Spaces, your Twitter account must have 600 or more followers. According to Twitter, these accounts are “likely to have a good experience hosting live conversations”.

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