Twitter 'Spaces' is now open for all in India - To help amplify info during Covid-19

Twitter as a tool for help during the pandemic
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Twitter, which rolled out its audio chat room Spaces to users with a minimum of 600 followers on the platform, is making the feature available to all in India. There is no follower count eligibility barrier in India.

This is being done to help in the flow of information and make it a tool of use during the pandemic, a Twitter spokesperson told TechRadar India.

This move by Twitter in India should help the users in further disseminating essential information in handy audio form at the time of a national health crisis.

Twitter is already used as a platform to look for beds, share information about medicines, connect patients to NGOs as India witnesses the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

People are bypassing the conventional lines of communication and turning to Twitter to crowdsource help for various requirements during the pandemic.

Handy Twitter India tools for help during pandemic

Twitter is proving to be a valuable tool to get pleas for help out in the corona crisis, thanks in the main to its “re-tweet” function that can quickly amplify a message through users’ networks of contacts.

Twitter India has also added more tools to aid the battle against the deadly second wave. The platform is a key resource for breaking news and updates.

The Covid-19 hub, which Twitter introduced last year, is now more organised to offer info on the most asked questions about the pandemic, including the efficacy of vaccines, key precautions to take, evolving changes due to the virus strain’s double mutation and more. 

The Covid-19 information tab can be accessed by tapping on the Explore button, and shifting to the second tab after the main trends page.

Twitter India has also created a Covid-19 SOS hub, which collates a wide array of pleas for help regarding oxygen supplies, plasma donations, availability of hospital beds, urgent medicine requirements and other associated aspects. 

The hub helps users access key resources that are being shared on the social platform, which can be retrieved later for circulation or use.

Twitter India has also put together many entries under its Covid-19 lists that offer a pool of information from accounts that are curated by Twitter India’s internal curators.

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