Now Spotify has a Clubhouse-like drop-in chat platform

Spotify Greenroom
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Ever since the arrival of Clubhouse, we’ve had a massive trend of almost all the social media sites trying different ways to implement drop-in chat solutions on their platforms. From Twitter Spaces to Facebook or Telegram almost every known platform wants to take a shot at this rising trend.

Continuing the trend further, music streaming app Spotify has also announced the launch of Greenroom – a dedicated app that focuses on live audio chats. The app is available for both iOS and Android users across 135 countries already.

For those unaware, Spotify Greenroom is essentially a Locker Room app that was acquired by Spotify in March. Now, this Locker Room application is being relaunched with a new identity and features.

With Greenhouse, Spotify wants to bridge the gap between artists and the audience by offering them a platform to interact with each other freely. Users will be able to join rooms discussing topics like music, culture, entertainment and even sports like NFL and NBA.

Spotify Greenroom

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A club open to all

The app itself carries a green coloured theme - iconic to Spotify and the interface does seem very Clubhouse-like. Anyone with a Spotify account can sign up for Greenroom and once signed in, a user can host or participate in live rooms. You can also create a room, you can share it with friends inviting them to participate in the discussion.

However, the platform expects you to behave professionally with the artists and other listeners, hence, you’ll be reminded of the code of conduct and intolerance policy around hate speech right before you join a discussion.

Once you're in the room, you’ll see the list of speakers and listeners and at the bottom centre, you have the “raise your hand icon” along with a share icon to let others know about the room.

There is also an option to record the discussion and Spotify will send the recording over the mail once the discussion gets over. Additionally, users can enable a chat session while creating a room. The ability to chat is missing from Clubhouse and users on Greenhouse will like the fact that it is available to them from day one.

Additionally, Spotify also plans to announce a creators fund, and according to reports, this fund will be used to pay content creators or users based on their engagement or popularity levels

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