You can now verify your Twitter account again - here's how

Twitter Verified Process
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Many have been waiting with baited breath for Twitter to re-open the gates of its verification system, and today they have done just that.

After three years of waiting, users can now apply to be verified on the social network. The white badge on your Twitter account is a mark of reliability to some, and jealousy to others.

The revamped system is slowly rolling out to all users, but Twitter has detailed how to apply for verification in a series of tweets.

What is Twitter Verified?

It’s an application process created by the company back in 2009, in order for users to tell which profile is genuine and reliable. Over the years, it became more of a status symbol to many - to have a badge next to your profile name as a way of authority.

An individual in the following field would usually be approved to earn the much-sought badge:

  • Acting
  • Music
  • Journalism
  • Fashion
  • Business
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Sports

As the years passed and the social network grew in popularity, it became more challenging for the company to manually sift through thousands of applications to approve or decline verifications for accounts. This led to the service being suspended, with only a handful being verified in the interim.

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Until now. Twitter announced the news that the service is slowly rolling out to users, where you can apply to be verified once again.

How to verify your Twitter account

Instead of going to a webpage, it’s merely a matter of opening the Twitter app, browsing to your account settings, and soon there will be an additional option to verify your account.

This will ask you for a proof of ID to help the process, and once accepted, your verified badge should soon appear.

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Twitter has stated that it’s slowly rolling it out to lighten the load on the inevitable avalanche of applications from many users to come. So if you’re not seeing the option at present, it should appear in the coming weeks.

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