Twitter subscription service leaks reveal name, price, and an 'undo tweet' option

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Rumors of a paid tier for Twitter have been swirling for a while now, and a new set of leaks has revealed more details about what we can expect: the subscription package, apparently called Twitter Blue, may include features like an undo tweet button and a collections feature for saved tweets.

The info comes from regular tipster Jane Manchun Wong, who has also discovered that the subscription is going to cost $2.99 (about £2 / AUS$4) a month – though there are also hints that several different price points are going to be offered.

One of the perks that subscribers get at the higher tier might be an ad-free news reading experience: Twitter recently acquired and closed down Scroll, a service which removed the adverts on web articles in return for a small monthly payment.

If and when the Twitter subscription service does make an appearance, the ability to undo the sending of tweets is likely to attract a lot of the associated headlines. Previous leaks suggest you'll get a limited window of time during which you can recall your tweet if it has a glaring spelling mistake or is just in bad taste.

Another new feature highlighted in this batch of leaks is called Collections: it looks like an extension of the existing tweet liking or tweet favoriting functionality, with the added option to sort your highlighted tweets into folders for easier reference.

From everything we've heard so far, it doesn't sound as though anything about the core Twitter experience is going to change – this will remain free for anyone who wants to use it, so for a lot of users everything will carry on as before.

The powerful web client TweetDeck that Twitter runs could also be part of an upcoming subscription service, according to sources in the know. TweetDeck is currently free to access and use, offering real time timeline updates and the ability to monitor Twitter for specific search terms.

We'll have to wait and see exactly how Twitter Blue (if that is its name) is going to be pitched, what the costs are going to be, and whether or not Twitter will offer a limited free trial (which could be an effective way of getting people to sign up).

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