This Samsung Galaxy S8 promotion is perfect for binge watchers

(Image credit: Samsung)

Considering you're just going to buy some choice accessories right after buying a new phone anyway, it's not uncommon for companies to throw in a bundle of their own to make that new handset a little more appealing.

Samsung is no exception, offering an "entertainment kit" deal to entice shoppers to purchase a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy 8 Plus

The kit is specialized for fans of watching video on their phones, potentially saving some cash by containing goodies they might have bought anyway.

Specifically, the promotion includes six free months of Netflix, a 64GB EVO+ microSD card, and a special Clear View Standing Cover, which not only features a see-through cover that lets you check messages even when closed, but also doubles as a kickstand for watching videos.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Considering a similar case retails for $59.99 on Samsung's site, half a year's Netflix costs about the same, and Samsung claims the 64GB EVO+ microSD card is valued at $49, this promotion could save someone over $170 — certainly nothing to sniff at when you're already dropping $720-plus on a new Galaxy S8.

Calling it an entertainment kit is also fitting, as 64GB of storage can hold a nice chunk of TV and movies for taking on the go, thanks to Netflix's recently added offline mode — not to mention the Galaxy S8 earbuds that come with every phone are actually quite a spiffy little pack-in.

Should you be interested in taking Samsung up on its offer, you'll have to buy your new Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus via the Shop Samsung app, which is available via the Google Play Store. You'll have to act fast too, as supplies are said to be limited and purchase and registration needs to be completed before May 16 to qualify. 

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