This TV brand is launching 30 new TVs – and they're very, very cheap

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Mitchell & Brown may not be at the tip of the tongue for most TV connoisseurs out there – but as a British TV brand, it's certainly pushing a lot of new models to UK audiences in 2021.

The British firm has announced a whopping total of 30 new TVs to be launched this year, from budget HD screens and small TVs to value 55-inch 4K TVs.

For a UK shopper, you'll certainly have a lot of choice for a cheap TV, far more than the relatively limited ranges of Sony, Samsung or LG.

Quantity isn't necessarily quality, though, and those after a high-end TV experience should check out our guides to the best TVs instead. it's worth noting that we've yet to review any Mitchell & Brown sets, so can't speak for the picture you tend to get. 

But for those wanting bang for their buck, Mitchell & Brown's sets start at just £169 for a 20-inch size – with its largest 55-inch 4K TV costing just £749.

This flagship model – the concisely named UHD18114KBL – takes on some of the visual trappings of premium screens, with a "Near-Borderless" screen and "super-slim bezel surround". It might not pack the punch of the zero-bezel screen on the Samsung Q950TS, but it's a pleasing design choice for a budget set that we don't usually see. 

Freeview Play is included for the the major UK broadcaster catchup apps, as well as the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video – and a subwoofer comes built-in with the 50-inch / 55-inch models. It'll be cheapest to buy the UHD18114KBL for just £529 at a 43-inch size, though.

The best savings will naturally be found on the cheapest HD sets, with a host of 720p and 1080p models that even come with built-in DVD players. While many of us are making the move to online streaming, anyone holding onto an old boxset will be pleased to know they have the option of placing it directly into the TV.

Playing the long game

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Mitchell & Brown's TV range isn't about the TVs at all, but rather the warranty that comes with them.

All the new 2021 TVs will come with a seven-year warranty, which goes beyond even the lengthy five years offered at UK retailer John Lewis.

For those wanting to make sure their TV purchase lasts them a good while – incredibly important for anyone on a tight TV budget – you can feel safe that if your screen breaks down in any way, there'll be a warranty to replace or refund it for the best part of a decade.

We're told that, "The 2021 Mitchell & Brown range launches this month and is available through trusted independent high street retailers in-store and online now.

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