This new Discord feature is fantastic, but you'll have to pay for it

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Discord, one of the most popular messaging apps on the planet primarily used by gaming communities, has been going strong for years now with cool features like in-app streaming, custom scripts for your servers and more.

As reported by The Verge (opens in new tab), Discord has added the ability for users to set unique profile pictures for each server that they're in. This means that users will be able to better tailor themselves to each server in their list with a unique look and nickname. The catch? You'll have to pay for the Discord Nitro subscription service to use this new feature, but I believe the sub is finally worth it in this case.

Nitro subscribers wishing to access this new feature will need to go into a server's settings page and look for the "edit server profile" option, which the previous "change nickname" feature has been rolled into.

The decision to lock the feature behind the Nitro subscription service is likely to be a controversial one, but it does at the very least give users another reason to subscribe beyond the rather middling perks Nitro otherwise offers.

Nitro's exclusive features are robust, if a little unremarkable. They include being able to use custom emotes across different servers, the ability to set GIFs as emotes and profile pictures, and a boost option that promotes a server for when you're going on a bit of a recruitment drive.

Opinion: A great feature that's worth the Nitro sub?

I personally love that Discord is now offering users the ability to set unique profile pictures across all their servers, even if it requires being subscribed to Discord Nitro. While many users have surely been left with a bitter taste knowing they'll have to pay monthly for the feature, the way I see it is that Discord Nitro finally has a feature worth subscribing to.

Now, not being able to access this feature certainly isn't the end of the world. A single profile image across all servers will suffice, after all, but being able to set individual avatars across multiple servers is a feature that is more useful than it seems, especially for gamers who like to add flair and personality to their online presence.

For example, I'm in a bunch of Final Fantasy 14 servers, as well as a range of other servers for games like Guilty Gear Strive, Tekken 7 and The Legend of Zelda series, alongside a few servers for use among close friends.

Being able to switch up your avatar based on an individual server basis not only allows you to better personalize your Discord experience, it could also help users to more effectively integrate with the communities they join. A new arrival to an FF14 server could set a unique profile picture displaying their player-created Warrior of Light, for example, or show off their go-to character in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate server.

It seems like such a relatively simple feature that Discord should've already had. After all, the ability to set unique nicknames between servers has been a feature on the messaging app for a while. Still, I'm glad the ability to set distinct avatars across servers is finally here, and gives me a bit more incentive to join a boatload of new communities.

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