This is the date Samsung Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders go live

Samsung may have accidentally revealed the date you can pre-order the Galaxy Note 8, and it will likely be a few days after the official announcement. 

We now know the Galaxy Note 8 will be revealed at a launch event in New York on August 23, but new leaked details suggest you'll be able to pre-order the phone directly from Samsung on August 25.

Details found on Samsung's Australian website suggests the region will be able to pre-order the Galaxy Note 8 only two days after the official launch, but it may just be for that region.

A few days to wait

The exact pre-order date for the US and UK is currently unclear, but we'd wouldn't expect it to be much later than August 25 considering how Samsung has previously allowed you to order its phablets a few days after launch.

The leaked web page from Samsung also suggests you'll be able to claim a free Galaxy Note 8 screen replacement within 12 months of your purchase. 

It will be through a new scheme called the Screen Assure program and it's unclear if it will be available to all customers or is just restricted to those buying the phone directly from Samsung in Australia.

The documents also say you'll have to activate your offer before October 31 2017, so you'll only be covered from a cracked screen up until the end of October 2018.


James Peckham

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