Brace for impact: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch is on August 23

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date rumors have been confirmed, with the new smartphone set to be unveiled on Wednesday, August 23.

That's when the Galaxy Unpacked 2017 event happens in New York City, according to the formal invitation sent to us today. And while it doesn't spell out Note 8 anywhere, all of the important signs are here.

The invite features a familiar bezel-less display outline, an unmistakable S Pen stylus and a brand-new ask: 'Do bigger things'.

Galaxy Note 8 leaked photos | Credit: @UniverseIce / Twitter

Galaxy Note 8 leaked photos | Credit: @UniverseIce / Twitter

What to expect from the Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the South Korean company's big smartphone comeback story following the Galaxy Note 7 fires and subsequent recall.

It'll no doubt be touted as a much safer product for this very reason. But it'll also still push the envelope with a specs upgrade over the Galaxy S8.

We expect to see a large 6.4-inch screen, which would make it significantly bigger than the 5.7-inch display on prior Note phones and slightly bigger than the 6.2-inch Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Don't worry though, the bezel-less display will likely make the actual body of the phone smaller than previous Samsung Galaxy Note phones. 

Recent Note 8 rumors also point to the first dual lens camera on a flagship Samsung phone, giving the company's already stellar smartphone camera a nifty new feature.

Here's what we don't expect: a bigger battery (for obvious reasons), and we're still sheepish on a 4K display and home button underneath the glass. Apple's iPhone 8 – expected a month later – might not have cracked that code either.

If these new features don't come to the Note 8, they may saved for the Galaxy S9 next year.

Matt Swider