The next Samsung 5G phone could be the Galaxy A90

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After the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and the Galaxy Note 10 5G, it looks like Samsung's next 5G smartphone is set to be the Galaxy A90 5G, which would make it the first device in the company's more-affordable range to connect to 5G networks.

This news comes from reputable leaker Evan Blass, who posted multiple tweets including static and video adverts all seemingly linked to the Galaxy A90 5G. 

These adverts suggest this could be the company's next big phone (sorry, Galaxy Fold), and they also show off the phone in quite a bit of detail.

The adverts seem to be in Samsung's house style, which backs up the fact they're legitimate, but then again it would be a fairly easy style to imitate. It's not clear where Blass located the various images, but he has a very good track record with leaks like this.

What can we see about the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G?

Perhaps the most noticeable thing we can tell about the Samsung Galaxy A90 is that it looks a lot like the rest of the Galaxy A series in terms of design – that means no rear camera panel that moves and flips, unlike the Galaxy A80.

Instead, there seems to be a three-camera rear array, although we don't know what specs these snappers pack at this point. One of the adverts posted by Blass seems to show a picture turning into another picture with a wider field of view, which suggests the phone could have a wide angle lens.

There's no rear fingerprint sensor, suggesting the A90 will have in-screen tech instead, and there's a standard 'tear-drop' notch to house the front camera. All in all, it seems rather 'standard' as a Galaxy A series design.

That could be because Samsung has made some sacrifices to get 5G on the Galaxy A90. Currently all available 5G phones are high-end, but the Galaxy A series tends to be much more affordable – this could mean the Galaxy A90 launches as the first affordable 5G phone, a rumor we've heard before.

We've previously heard that fast charging could be one of the Galaxy A90's key features, and another one of Blass' images backs this up.

Something that we are missing, however, is the Samsung Galaxy A90 release date. We've been hearing about the device since the beginning of 2019 (although lots of what we heard ended up being the Galaxy A80, as the two phones were confused thoroughly), and we've not got any idea on when we could see the Galaxy A90 5G.

Samsung has just launched its Galaxy Note 10 line, so we wouldn't expect it to drop any more new phones right away – we're still holding out for the Galaxy Fold though, so maybe these two handsets could launch together at some point soon.

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