Fast charging tipped to be one of the key features of the Samsung Galaxy A90

Samsung Galaxy A80
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What will Samsung bring to the phone market with the Galaxy A90 series? Fast charging and 5G, if we can believe a listing that has popped up on Samsung's Hungarian site.

The listing is actually for a fast 45W charger for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, but if you look close enough you'll see that it says 45W charging is supported on the Galaxy A91, and that 25W charging is supported on the Galaxy A90 5G.

Sounds like we can expect two new phones in the near future then. We'd already heard a few whispers about the upcoming A90 – like the lack of a pop-up, rotating camera – but this makes their existence (almost) official.

The phones are expected to act as follow-ups to the Samsung Galaxy A80, which did have a pop-up, rotating camera as one of its selling points. It seems as though the replacements might be a bit more... well... normal.

Charge of the fast brigade

Previous rumors have hinted at the possibility of the Galaxy A91 arriving with a quad-core rear-facing camera, and maybe even a 108MP resolution for one of the camera lenses.

Add in the suggestion that these phones are going to come toting the Snapdragon 855 processor, and it seems like these might be very well-specced phones indeed – not really the mid-rangers that Galaxy A series devices usually are.

With 25W and 45W fast charging now added to the equation, it seems you'll be able to juice these phones up very quickly too. The Note 10 Plus was the first Samsung phone to hit that 45W mark, but it won't be the last.

Considering the Galaxy A80 only launched in May, it might be a few months before the A90 and A91 models see the light of day – but now we know something about what to expect when they do.

Via XDA Developers

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