Telstra’s iPhones are going cheap – score one for yourself

iPhone SE 2020
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iPhone handsets can be pretty pricey, but Telstra is now one of the cheapest places you can buy Apple’s flagship phones, whether you’re interested in the regular iPhone 12 or you want to go biggest and best with the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Telstra’s seven day flash sale will get you AU$100 off any iPhone when you also sign up to a mobile plan. The sale starts today, March 23 and ends on Monday, March 29.

It’s not just the iPhone 12 family getting the discount – you’ll also be able to get AU$100 off the iPhone SE, iPhone 11 and the iPhone XS if you put them on a plan, and the price cut means these devices are now a budget-friendly entry into the premium phone market.

That’s because these older iPhones have already seen an official price drop since they first launched. The iPhone 11, for example, originally cost AU$1,199 before it dropped to AU$999 with the release of the 12 range. With Telstra’s sale bringing it down to just AU$899, the former flagship phone is now AU$300 less than what it originally cost.

If you’d like to go even cheaper, you’ll want to consider the iPhone SE. This device is already Apple’s most affordable phone, and its price has been cut down to AU$679 from its launch price of AU$749. Telstra’s deal can now set you up with the iPhone SE for just AU$579 – getting you a good camera and great performance at a wallet-friendly price.

Apple is no longer selling the iPhone XS, but you can still get the 512GB version of the device from Telstra. It’s significantly cheaper now at AU$999 outright, but if you pair it with a plan you’ll be able to get it for AU$899 from Telstra.

How Telstra stacks up

Telstra’s sale makes it the cheapest telco to buy the handset from, though you will need to match it with a plan to score the deal. Because Telstra’s plans tend to be dearer than the competition, we’d say its iPhone deals are best for those that need to be on the Telstra network.

The provider’s cheapest plan starts at AU$55 a month for 40GB of data. By comparison, you can get 60GB for AU$49 with Optus, or 50GB for AU$35 with Vodafone.

Telstra strongly asserts it has the best 5G network in Australia, and with that in mind, the deals could be a compelling option if you’ve got your eye on the iPhone 12 range, which boasts 5G capabilities for the first time.

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