Amazon Fire TV coming to UK 'for Christmas'

Amazon Fire TV
You didn't think Amazon would totally snub the UK, did you?

Amazon has remained coy on its plans to launch its Fire TV box in the UK, but TechRadar has been told that we can expect to see it arrive on this side of the pond just in time for some December festivities.

An Argos rep told us that Amazon Fire TV is on its way, and will be available to buy "for Christmas" this year.

Unfortunately our Argos bod wasn't able to give any specific dates, but we're glad that we'll be seeing Fire TV this year - even if it's by a whisker.

That extra time may give Amazon the space to improve its set-top box. For example, in our review we noted that we'd like to see some more customisation offerings. A better search function would also go down a treat.

Hugh Langley

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