Xbox Series X restock at Target today was the easiest yet – when to get it next

Xbox Series X restock
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The Target Xbox Series X restock today, May 18, was the easiest to get yet, according to our Xbox Series X restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider. Matt sent out a Twitter alert at 7:50am EDT this morning, signaling that the Microsoft console was in stock. This particular Target Xbox restock lasted a solid 25 minutes, though some locations sold out faster than others. While Target requires in-person pickup, you're required to buy the Xbox Series X online – there are no walk-ins, according to Target officials. Where will Xbox Series X restock next? There are other retailers in the US ready and waiting to deploy for console stock, and Matt Swider will alert you – if you follow his Twitter account and turn on notifications.

Matt Swider is tracking Xbox Series X restock opportunities from 12 different stores in the US. Here's an example of the alert you'll get if you follow his Twitter account.

Xbox Series X restock

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Will Target sell Xbox Series X in stores?

No, Target won't sell the Xbox Series X in stores for the time being. Instead, you'll be able to buy the console online at for a same-day in-store pickup. 

"[Customers] shouldn't go to Target to buy an Xbox," urged one of our sources we talked to today. "It's only going to be sold online and you can pick it up later in the store." When we asked about when in-store purchases may resume, we were told, "We're not there yet."

In other words, the Xbox Series X won't be sold at Target on-demand and employees at the retail chain don't want to be asked incessantly about a console they don't have in stock. You either arrive with a purchase order email or you don't get an Xbox.

TechRadar has reached out to official Target comms channels and we'll update this news report when we hear back.

It's just Xbox so far, not PS5

This week's Target news applies to both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and we've seen a few Walmart locations begin to restock the Series S last week. It's officially a trend.

However, not part of this shift in Target's restock strategy are PS5 restock plans. The company is going to stick with specific PS5 drop dates, and we'll continue to update our Twitter tracker as consoles become available throughout the US.

Xbox Series X restock at Walmart next?

Matt has been sending Xbox Series X restock alerts for all retailers in the US, and it now seems as if the ample Target Xbox inventory he reported on this week is now destined for online purchases, which may begin starting tomorrow, May 18.

Beyond that, we may see Walmart restock Xbox on Thursday, May 20 at 2:30pm (also online), although that's not confirmed just yet (we usually know from our Walmart restock sources at 12pm EDT on Thursdays). Walmart has also been getting the Xbox Series S in stock in stores (where to can actually pick it up there). So we'll be watching to see if it shifts strategy too.

Xbox Series X restock matt swider

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Best Buy is overdue to have the Xbox Series X in stock, too. It had a Monday restock two weeks ago late in the afternoon, so we could see Best Buy repeat its sale of the Microsoft console today or sometime this week.

Antonline is another restock console source we track daily, and the American store, while small, has shipped the Xbox Series X console to its customers very quickly. Here's the one thing to know: while Antonline does restock at least one next-gen console per week, it's had the Xbox Series X in stock recently, and it may be Sony's turn this week.

Microsoft Store Xbox Series X restock

When will Microsoft restock the Xbox Series X? We always suggest checking with us every Sunday in May 2021 at 11:59pm EDT / 8:59pm PDT. While we think it comes in stock at midnight, since that's technically Monday morning, we want to be as clear in our advice as possible and avoid any confusion around when you'll be able to buy the Xbox Series X. It's Sunday night before you go to sleep for Monday.

What to do when it's in stock at Microsoft: You should keep trying to buy it for at least 30 minutes from the Microsoft store – with a lot of refreshing even if it says out of stock. Why? Thousands of people will be trying to make the purchase of the Microsoft console, and many will either fail to add their credit card details properly or bail on buying it (a lot of people just like to see if they can buy it). After a few minutes (roughly 15 minutes), that inventory will kick back into the Microsoft store system and be available to buy again. That's our best tip: don't give up on trying to buy the Xbox Series X.

What not to do: Most people see the initial Xbox Series X restock Twitter alert from Matt Swider at midnight, and they immediately go to the Xbox website to buy it only to see the add-to-cart button say 'Out of stock'. Frustrated, they reply to Matt with a message like 'Out of stock' or 'It's gone'. However, what they should be doing is sticking to the Microsoft website and constantly refreshing the page.

Xbox Series X restock Twitter updates from Matt Swider

The Xbox Series X restock Twitter account of Matt Swider will continue to tell you when and where the next restock location is in the US. There's no shortage of people who still need the Microsoft console.

However, American stores may begin to shift Xbox Series X restock opportunities to in-store purchases and inventory may come about locally, which makes the console harder to track. We don't expect this to last very long, however, and online purchases during the holidays will be harder to come by and these restock dates will become the norm again during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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