Some Withings Pulse HR fitness trackers are cracking, but will be replaced

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A production fault with early units of the Withings Pulse HR has meant the case can be fragile and prone to cracking without you dropping or striking the tracker in some way.

After our review of the Withings Pulse HR, our reviewer at TechRadar continued to wear the tracker for a few weeks and found it cracked at both the top and bottom of the front of the body of the tracker without any noticeable hits or drops.

You can see the exact damage in the images above and below. We also know of at least one other case where the tracker has cracked in a similar way after a few weeks of usage.

If you've also had the same issue Withings has confirmed it will be offering replacements for all customers affected.

A spokesperson for Withings told TechRadar, "Our team has received feedback from a select number of customers concerning the fragility of their Pulse HR band case. The problem has been identified as affecting a small number of units from our first round of production. 

"Withings is offering replacements to any customers experiencing the problem and is continuing to monitor the situation to ensure our excellent standards of quality control are maintained.  We extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused."

As Withings has confirmed, this issue is only affecting the first batch of units released by the company so it's unlikely if you buy the tracker today you'll find the same problem.

If you do - or you've found your existing Withings Pulse HR has similar damage - you can contact Withings by logging into your account on its official website and citing the problem you've had.

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