Is Instagram finally coming to Windows Phone later this month?

Instagram Windows Phone 8
Instagram will be a huge boon to Windows Phone 8 if it does arrive

Instagram could finally arrive on Windows Phone 8 handsets this month, but it will come with some caveats, a new rumor claims.

Chinese site WPDang - the same site that yesterday leaked previously unseen photos of the Nokia EOS - claimed today that Facebook-owned Instagram will come to WP8 on June 26. Rumor has it the app will even have a photo exclusive filter for Microsoft's OS.

The catch: It will only be available on Nokia phones like the recent Lumia 928, the site says.

That's not surprising, considering the Windows Phone powerhouse that Nokia is, not to mention the fact that it may prove to have been the driving force behind Instagram's arrival on the entire OS. But it will come as a blow to anyone using a non-Nokia WP8 handset like HTC's Windows Phone 8X.

Windows Phone 8 woes

Windows Phone 8 is a fine mobile operating system, but it hasn't been embraced to anywhere near the degree that Apple's iOS and Google's Android have.

Granted, those two have had a head start, but with only 5.6 percent of the U.S. market compared to Android's 51.7 percent and iOS's 41.4 percent, Windows Phone 8 has some catching up to do.

Part of the blame certainly lies with some key apps missing from the WP8 ecosystem - not least of which is Instagram.

Instagram's appearance on Windows Phone 8 would be a major boon to Microsoft if it does come to pass. After that all the OS will need is Vine - which finally arrived on Android this week - for avid social media users to start taking it more seriously.

Meanwhile, a native Instagram app may never make it to BlackBerry 10 - another struggling mobile OS - at all.


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