Smarty's 40GB for £10 SIM only deal is one of the best in the UK right now

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Blue Monday may now be behind us, yet January remains cold and grey. But at least Smarty is giving some glimmer of optimism, having just launched a brand new SIM only promotion that's really caught our eye.

It has just boosted two of its great value plans by an extra 10GB of data per month. That means that you can now grab a 40GB SIM for a bargain £10 a month or go all out with its 60GB SIM for £15 a month.

Along with the bountiful data allowances, you also get uncapped calls and texts, the flexibility to leave when you wish (you'll be on a rolling 1-month contract) and - in a brand new addition to Smarty tariffs - 5G connections on any enabled devices.

Outside of Three's mega £12 for 100GB tariff that ties you in for a whole year, or going with a cashback deal that leaves you claiming back money over the course of your contract, you really can't beat the SIM only deals that Smarty is offering right now.

Smarty's flexible bargains SIM only deals

Smarty SIM plan | 1 month | 30GB40GB data | unlimited calls & texts | £10/pm

Smarty SIM plan | 1 month | 30GB 40GB data | unlimited calls & texts | £10/pm
40GB is a generous whack of data for video streaming and social media scrolling. And for a mere tenner a month, this is a fantastic SIM only deal from Smarty. And remember, you can leave at any time thanks to its flexible rolling monthly contracts.

Smarty SIM plan | 1 month | 50GB60GB data | unlimited calls & texts | £15/pm

Smarty SIM plan | 1 month | 50GB 60GB data | unlimited calls & texts | £15/pm
Still a bit worried that the 40GB data limit will mean you're checking your usage every ten minutes and could lead to an uncomfortable end of the month? Then an extra fiver each month adds an extra 50% of GB. Although, if that's still not enough, then you may want to consider Three's tariff below...

Three's excellent unlimited data SIM plan:

Three SIM plan | 12 months | Unlimited data, calls & texts | £16/pm

Three SIM plan | 12 months | Unlimited data, calls & texts | £16/pm
This Three plan is a little more expensive, but you get unlimited everything for the few extra quid each month. Just like Smarty, this is a 5G-ready SIM, too. The only downside to this tariff being that you'll be committing to one whole year of Three. But at this value, why should you care?

Why go for Smarty Mobile? 

It's a brand you may have never heard of, and yet it's a name giving the big retailers some serious competition.

With an excellent mix of cheap SIM only deals and big data bargains, Smarty covers most of the market's needs. And, with its 1-month rolling contracts, you can stay for as long as you like, making this the perfect stop-over option. And now that it has added 5G connectivity, there are very little reasons left not to get Smarty,

One final benefit? Smarty allows you to tether your devices to your phone, meaning you can use up that data across any laptop, tablet, or even the console you picked up recently.

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