Sky VIP arrives to reward loyal customers with free Sky Go Extra and more

Sky has announced a new rewards program called Sky VIP, which gives you extra rewards based on the amount of time you've been a Sky subscriber. 

The rewards include free tickets to sports events, free Sky Fibre set-up, and free Sky Q set-up. 

The rewards vary based on how long you've been a Sky subscriber. Subscribers for up to three years get Sky VIP Silver, which grants you a free Sky Store 'Buy & Keep' movie.

A tiered service

Sky VIP Gold is offered to customers of between 3 and 8 years, and gets you both free Sky Go Extra and Sky Atlantic VIP, a new channel that allows you to watch some Sky Atlantic shows 24 hours before they're on the regular Sky Atlantic channel. 

Sky VIP Platinum is for customers of between 8 and 15 years and gets you free Sky Fibre set-up and Mobile Piggy Bank Boost. 

Finally, customers of over 15 years get Sky VIP Black which grants a free Sky Q installation and a priority phone number for all of your customer support needs. 

If you'd like to find out what rewards you're due you can down the My Sky app and enter your Sky login. The new VIP service launches today. 

Although some of the rewards appear as though they're designed to get people to use more of Sky's services such as fibre broadband and Sky Q, the other rewards will be a pleasant surprise for subscribers. 

Jon Porter

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