Should I buy a Schlage Connect smart deadbolt?

Schlage Connect smart deadbolt

Simple enough and smart enough

Multiple smart home integration options
Guest codes
Various alert settings
No Google Assistant or Siri support
Smartest features require additional hub

The bottom line

The Schlage Connect is a simple deadbolt replacement offering you many ways to lock and unlock your door. And, it's all wrapped into a robust package for added security.

Priced between $180 and $190 (about £135 to £145), the Schlage Connect isn't terribly expensive as far as smart locks go. It's relatively well featured, with key, keypad, and smartphone entry methods; a few security alert settings; and compatibility with Samsung SmartThings, Iris by Lowe's, and Wink smart home systems.

While some of the better smart home features require an additional hub, it's refreshing to see Schlage doesn't require any self-branded device to get it working. And, it's still a plenty handy lock without those integrations.

Schlage Connect: what you need to know

The Schlage Connect is a full deadbolt kit to replace your current lock with a smart lock. On the inside it has a simple twisting lock knob and a button to control the security alerts. On the outside, it has a standard keyhole beneath a fingerprint resistant keypad for keyless entry. 

The keypad makes getting in easy for you, your friends, family, and guests, while the durable build will make it hard for unwelcome visitors to get in. 

The primary features of the Schlage Connect are fairly basic. It's a quality keypad lock, with the ability to program up to 30 different access codes. The keypad is illuminated for easy use at night. And, built-in sensors can trigger an audible alert when the door is unlocked or when they detect a forced entry attempt.

But, with Connect in the name, it's only natural the more advanced features turn up when the Schlage Connect is actually connected to a smart home system. 

The Schlage Connect can link up with Samsung Smart Things, Iris by Lowe's, and Wink smart home systems using Z-Wave. This enables remote control when you're away from home, and allows you to program the lock with your smartphone. Plus, with Wink and SmartThings, you can also use Amazon's Alexa to lock and unlock the door (though unlocking will use a spoken PIN for extra security). 

While it's disappointing the Schlage Connect doesn't support Google Assistant or Siri, the Schlage Sense is a similar alternative that does.

Should I buy it?

If you're looking for a quality keypad lock, the Schlage Connect is a great one. But, you can probably get one for a better price without losing much in quality.

However, if you want a keypad lock and plan on integrating it into your Wink-, Iris-, or SmartThings-based smart home, the Schlage Connect is a great all-around option. 

It's built touch for a high level of security. It gives you plenty of high-tech ways to lock and unlock your door. And, if a part of you struggles to trust new technologies over tried-and-true old technologies, the ability to always just use a normal key means you won't need to worry about getting locked out because the internet is down. 

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