Samsung's new range of Bespoke Fridges are beautiful, but not smart

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How often do you look at your fridge? Probably not often, you’re thinking. It’s just, sort of, there, isn’t it? But if, like most humans, you consume food on a daily basis, you’re probably going to and from your fridge at least twice daily. It might as well be nice, even memorable, to look at then, right?

Enter the Samsung Bespoke Fridge line at IFA 2019. Headed to European markets, it gives a kitchen owner the option of building a refrigeration system to their exacting requirements, from size and shape right down to color and aesthetic design.

It is, essentially, a modular design. From waist-high mini-fridges to standing-height slimline options, there are eight different size options overall, nine different colors and three different texture options. Samsung even had a few on display that had illustrations and artworks printed onto their doors. 

The Samsung Bespoke Fridge can be configured in all manner of ways then. You could line up four waist-high mini fridges in a row under a counter; you could sit two standing single door fridges side by side, or pair a bottom-mounted freezer next to a one-door style.

From there, you style the front facing panel to match your interior, with any combination of the following: a vibrant matte Satin glass in coral, yellow, black or grey, a shiny glam Glam Glass in pink or white, or a warmer textured Cotta Metal front in white, baby blue or black.

There’s also the option, if your household or family grows, to expand your fridge line-up with an extra module as your life dictates – and still be able to find a size that fits in a color that matches.

(Image credit: Future)

Though the fridge modules are of different heights and widths, they’re all of a uniform depth. That means they can sit flush together in whatever recess of the kitchen you see fit. And as, with the exception of the double-door options, their front doors sit flush with a cutaway grip for opening them up, you can put them in tight corners and still get them to open 90-degrees without bashing a wall.

A notable absence

What isn’t present however, is Samsung’s Family Hub smart display element on any of the doors. Present on Samsung’s connected fridges, this allows you to read recipes from the fridge door (a new collaboration with cooking platform Whisk expands this functionality for 2019), control other connected kitchen gadgets, leave notes and reminders for family members such as shopping lists, and use cameras built into the inside of the fridge to give you a view on your mobile of what’s being chilled while you’re out at the supermarket. It even aims to tackle food waste, by offering up recipes based on the ingredients that are set to expire soonest. 

It’s a shame then that Samsung hasn’t included the Family Hub as part of this range, at least in one of the modular components available. The Bespoke line then remains a very beautiful, but relatively dumb, fridge range, for the time being at least.

Samsung has yet to share pricing or availability of components in the range yet. But don’t be surprised if you start seeing these popping up in the background of lifestyle shots in glossy celebrity magazines the world over soon.

Gerald Lynch

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