Samsung phones might stop including chargers - will the Galaxy S30 be first?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (Image credit: Future)

After a rumor suggested iPhones might not ship with chargers in the box from this year's iPhone 12 onwards, it seems Samsung phones might follow suit with some of its phones.

This report comes from ETNews, a Korean news site, which stated Samsung is considering dropping in-box chargers for some of its smartphones in 2021 and beyond. The operative word is 'some', and it seems, if true, most Samsung phones will still have chargers.

Samsung is reportedly discussing with its partners on how to go about this plan of not boxing the charger with smartphone shipments. The idea is thought to be to cut production costs, given the current economic climate.

After the rumors of the iPhone 12 coming without a charger started circulating, many people voiced their opinions. 

Some are happy that phones might start coming with less e-waste (as many people who buy phones already have compatible chargers), but others were concerned the company was doing this for profit-driven motives rather than keeping the price of the phone down.

We'll have to see what the case is for Samsung Galaxy phones, especially given the USB-C port they have is compatible with a wider array of chargers. Hopefully, the lack of a charger in-box will result in a lower cost for phones.

On top of that, Samsung is one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world, and if it stops putting chargers in all its boxes, that'll save a significant amount of electronic waste.

Is it the Samsung Galaxy S30?

The first big phone from the company in 2021 will likely be the Samsung Galaxy S30, and given Galaxy S series phones typically ship with chargers that aren't as fast-charging as the phones can handle, it would make sense for the company to drop them entirely.

Given the phone series will likely consist of pricey handsets, hopefully this would help the company keep the cost to a minimum.

Saying that, there are reasons it could be a rumor for other phones from the company. Perhaps this would be a better scheme for Galaxy A devices to help keep the price as low as possible. Then there's also the chance that the Galaxy Note 30 will end up being a totally portless device, so you wouldn't need a charging cable.

Only time will tell, so we'll have to wait until 2021 to see if the company decides to ship its devices without charging cables or blocks.