ANNOUNCEMENT: TechRadar India now in an all-new avatar

As you can see, TechRadar India has been given an all-new look. In our effort to continue to help our audience with new tech insights, we thought it was time to take our journey to the next level.

We at TechRadar India are proud to announce the launch of our redesigned website. On behalf of our entire team at TechRadar, welcome! Our old India website has served us for over three years but we’re delighted that we’re moving to the next level.

At the core of our website redesign is the increasing needs of our audience and this shift will help us to take advantage of the advanced tools to make our communication more effective. The new site will offer much more in terms of exploring content, news reading experience and finally being able to buy technologies of your choice.

With a modern layout and intuitive design, the new website is optimized to access content from across devices. So irrespective of which device you are on –iOS, Android phone, or a Windows device, you will be able to connect with our original content with utmost ease.

 Our global team is equally delighted about the re-launch of TechRadar in India. "I'm absolutely delighted to welcome our amazing Indian audience to their new look home on TechRadar," said Global Editor-in-Chief Patrick Goss. 

"I'm absolutely delighted to welcome our amazing Indian audience to their new look home on TechRadar"

Patrick Goss, Global Editor-in-Chief

 "Mastufa and his team will be working tirelessly to bring you the vital news from the region and we hope you enjoy the reviews, features and buying guides that we are all so proud to write," he adds. 

The new home is even more organised and our new system will allow you to navigate through the site with ease. The new set of features will facilitate you to engage with our content and make buying decisions with confidence. So, if you’re on a buying guide article which features Samsung Galaxy S8, and you want to buy it, you can click through and do so right there with new e-commerce integration.

In line with our global content strategy, the new TechRadar site will continue to bring to you content that you will love. Our stories on technologies across categories –from smartphones to laptops to wearable, will be updated to provide the freshest and latest developments. Keep an eye out for the ‘updated’ tag to see what has changed.

With the re-launch, we will also focus more on images and videos and other rich content which will help maximize the impact of our messaging as you explore.

Although, much has changed, our core offerings will continue to be part of the new site.

With a new beginning, which is much more than just a 'makeover', our team will bring to you more of what TechRadar as a leading global brand is acclaimed for. You will find in-depth reviews, detailed comparisons and reliable buying-guides across wide range of gadgets and gizmos.

Many thanks to all our readers who have helped us make TechRadar a renowned tech media brand in India --over the last few years, and helped us reach the level of trust that we have today.


Mastufa Ahmed

Editor, TechRadar India

Mastufa is the editor of TechRadar India and is responsible for overseeing a team that covers technology news, analyses and features. He is a tech writer and an online content manager who has worked in New Delhi for PCQuest, BW Businessword and more. He is particularly interested in new tech solutions and devices and how people use them to simplify lives and how organisations gain advantage with these tech. Mastufa is an evangelist of data journalism and new media technologies. He is a Google fan.