Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite, or Tab S7 FE, looks close to release

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
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Now and then, we get some confusion in the mobile leaks world, when alternating leaks (and common opinion) give us varying different names for an upcoming device - that's happening with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite, as every new leak is pointing in a different direction regarding what this mid-range tablet will be called.

First we had the Tab S7 Lite and S7 Lite Plus, though 'Lite Plus' is a bit oxymoronic, then the Tab S7 XL Lite was leaked, and now we're hearing it's the Galaxy Tab S7 Fan Edition, or FE. This comes from MySmartPrice, which discovered a listing for the tablet, alongside a 5G version.

Listed on the Google Play Console, a platform for app designers to monitor their audience, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE and FE 5G have specs attached that can give us clues as to the upcoming tablets.

Since this is an official Google platform, the tablets' presence on the list suggests the names are final - no more S7 Lite or XL Lite. The 'FE' or 'Fan Edition' moniker is something Samsung slaps on affordable versions of premium devices, like the Galaxy S20 FE or anticipated Galaxy S21 FE, so this new name makes sense.

We haven't seen an 'FE'-named tablet before though, so this news suggests Samsung is starting to roll out the title to other devices.

It also seems that the Galaxy Tab S7 FE could be launched very soon, if app designers are being alerted to its existence. Hopefully we'll see it in the coming weeks or months.

Listed Galaxy Tab S7 FE specs

According to the Google Play Console entry, the tablet will have the Snapdragon 750G chipset paired with 4GB of RAM, and will run Android 11. The listing states the screen resolution is 1600 x 2560, and that the slate will support the S Pen stylus.

So that's a fair specs list, though there's nothing to write home about. The tablet's price will make or break it, and it'll need to be on a level with (or more affordable than) the entry-level iPad 10.2.

With a release date (hopefully) soon, we should find out all about the tablet in the coming weeks or months, to see if it's a valiant competitor to Apple's stalwart slate.

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