Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite could have fast charging, but there’s a catch

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (Image credit: TechRadar)

Leaks surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite are rolling in rapidly, as just a day after seeing renders of the tablet, we now have a good idea of the charging speed thanks to a Chinese certification.

The tablet was spotted in a listing on 3C (China’s mandatory product certification system) by MyFixGuide, and the listing - which covers both Wi-Fi and LTE models, but not the rumored 5G one - mentions 44W charging.

That’s a huge upgrade on the 15W charging offered by the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, and in line with the 45W charging delivered by the full-fat Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. However, based on this listing you won’t get a 44W charger with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite.

In fact, it’s not totally clear whether you’ll get any charger at all – MyFixGuide suggests you won’t, with this slate following in the footsteps of the Samsung Galaxy S21 range in that sense, but the site also claims to have found reference to a 15W charger that you’d be able to buy separately.

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We’re not sure why that would be listed alongside the tablet if it’s not bundled though, especially as Samsung offers faster chargers than that for sale. But that brings us to the second issue – the fastest Samsung charger you can buy is a 25W one, so to get 44W charging speeds from the Tab S7 Lite you’d presumably need to buy a third-party charger.

It’s a strange situation, but it’s understandable that Samsung would want to cut costs for a slate that’s designed to be a ‘Lite’ model – and if there’s really no charger bundled at all then that could be beneficial to the environment as well.

While we’d take all of this with a pinch of salt for now, 3C certifications usually have accurate information, so it’s likely at least that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite will support 44W charging – and that you won’t be able to get those speeds out of the box.

We’ll probably find out for sure soon, as the tablet is rumored to be landing in June – possibly alongside the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Lite Plus.

Via GSMArena

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