Samsung Galaxy S21 camera leak suggests it's not much different to the S20

Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy S20 (Image credit: Future)

The Samsung Galaxy S21 might end up being very similar to its predecessor the Galaxy S20 if rumors are to be believed - first a leaked phone render showed an almost-identical design, and now word from the manufacturing line suggests it'll have the same number of cameras.

Twitter user @camie_ngo posted an image of what appears to be camera bump cut-outs from a factory, which shows what the Galaxy S21 camera could look like - and it backs up that prior phone render in every way.

It's worth pointing out @came_ngo isn't a known leaker, but on their Twitter profile they have a series of similar leaks for Samsung devices, like the Galaxy Note 20, accurately showing what its camera bump would look like ahead of time. For that reason, it seems they are likely a Samsung factory worker with insider knowledge.

Triple-camera S21 isn't a bad thing

If this leak is accurate, it seems the Samsung Galaxy S21 will end up having three rear cameras, just like the Galaxy S20 - it isn't a stretch to say there will be the same lenses too, with telephoto and ultra-wide lenses joining the main sensor.

So this aspect of the phone might not be a huge upgrade, which could seem surprising given that phone companies are typically tripping over themselves to offer more and more rear cameras on a phone, but it doesn't necessarily bode poorly for the Galaxy S20 either.

If the Galaxy S10 to S20 change tells us anything, it's that there are two key things Samsung likes to change with its devices: the sensors, and the software.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 camera sensors will likely be better than the S20 equivalents, perhaps in terms of resolution, or in terms of pixel size, which would help the camera 'see' more light and take better pictures.

Samsung also likes to innovate with new camera software - the S20 brought us Single Take, a useful new way of taking photos for people who aren't necessarily photography-minded, and perhaps the S21 will come with new photo or video modes.

So though the number of rear cameras looks to be the same, we shouldn't take that as an omen of bad things to come. The almost-identical appearance though, if the render is correct? That inspires less confidence.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is expected to launch in February 2020 - or maybe January 2020, as another leak suggests. Either way we won't see it for a while, so there's more time for leaks to corroborate, or contradict, this information.

Via GSMArena

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