Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus battery could be a monster

The Galaxy S10 range is set to launch on February 20, but we could have gleaned more information on the top model from an internet tipster.

Ice Universe, a regular leaker of phone specs, posted the below, very brief information on the new Galaxy S10 Plus - well, we presume it's that phone as it's not actually named as coming from the South Korean brand:

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However, before you get too excited, the same leaker has previously put out an image claiming that the new Galaxy S10 Plus will have a 4000mAh battery, and with little in the way of proof that this information is valid, we have to assume that this is more of a rough estimate, rather than a factual battery capacity.

Either way, that's a big improvement on the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, which came in at 3500mAh - combined with some strong improvements to the processor and software, the S10 Plus could have rather strong battery life.

Even the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 'only' had a 4000mAh battery - so achieving parity with that, combined with the aforementioned improvements, means we're like to see the S10 Plus outshine the longevity of last year's Note powerhouse.

Thinner too?

The other element that would be surprising here is that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is tipped to be 0.7mm thinner than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

A slimmer handset makes sense, given that the march of design evolution never stops when designing a flagship smartphone - but to squeeze that much more battery in while preserving the headphone jack is a rather impressive feat.

That's not to say this won't happen - and, this close to launch, these kinds of leaks are more often found to be genuine - but there's enough reason to just lean back and wait to see if this tip from Ice Universe is true.

We'll be reporting live from the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch event on in February - so keep an eye on TechRadar during that time where we'll be among the very first on the internet to bring you in-depth previews, comparisons and analysis from this huge announcement from Samsung.

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