Samsung Galaxy S10 cases give us a look at all three models

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is unlikely to land for at least another couple of months, but you can already pre-order cases for the phone – and those cases give us another look at the likely design of the handset.

Pictured below, these cases show the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, and were all listed by UK retailer MobileFun according to GSMArena, although at the time of writing we can only find cases for the standard Galaxy S10.

You can see from the images that all three models sport a similar design, with an almost all-screen front and a cutout for the selfie camera, or in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus a wider cutout for two selfie cameras.

From front to back

Other differences include the number of cameras on the back, with three for the standard Samsung Galaxy S10, four for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and likely either two or three for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, although these images partially obscure them.

The other visual difference of course is the size of the screens, with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite rumored to be 5.8 inches, the standard Galaxy S10 6.1 inches, and the Galaxy S10 Plus 6.4 inches.

As ever, we’d take this leak with a pinch of salt, although case-makers do often have information in advance so that they can start producing cases before a new phone launches.

The images of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in a case also line up with previously leaked renders – but a previous leak has shown the selfie cameras of the range placed more centrally, so not everything is lining up perfectly yet.

James Rogerson

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