These could be the first photos of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Following hot on the heels of leaked renders showing the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, we may now have seen the first actual photos of the phone – although oddly two different devices are pictured.

There are two images to go on, one obtained by SlashGear from an anonymous source and the other shared on Weibo (a Chinese social network). 

You can see both below – both show a partial view of the back of a Samsung handset and both show three cameras, suggesting that this is probably the Galaxy S10 Plus rather than the standard Samsung Galaxy S10 (as most rumors point to the S10 having two rear cameras).

However, as you may notice, the cameras look different. In one image the camera block is black, while in the other it more or less matches the back of the phone, with a purple-looking shade. The lenses and sensors may also be different sizes, though this could just be down to the different angles they’re photographed at.

And that may mean that only one of these images is genuine – if either are. Or it could be that we’re actually looking at two different models. Further confusing matters is the fact that the previously leaked renders actually show four lenses on the back of the Galaxy S10 Plus – although that’s at odds with a number of other rumors.

One of these photos is not like the other. Credit: SlashGear / Weibo

One of these photos is not like the other. Credit: SlashGear / Weibo

Similar but suspect

Other than the color schemes, the rest of the design here looks similar, with both pictures showing a slightly curved, likely glass back, a frame that looks like it’s made of metal, a Samsung logo and a button on the right edge.

Other than the number of cameras, this is a look that matches up with the aforementioned renders, but we’d take both of these images with a huge dose of salt, as notwithstanding the camera inconsistencies both images come from untested sources and could easily be fake.

Still, we should have a better idea soon, as with the Samsung Galaxy S10 range likely landing at or around MWC 2019 in February we’d expect plenty more images and details to start leaking soon.

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