Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus renders reveal four rear cameras

Not long ago we saw leaked renders supposedly giving us our first real look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, but it seems they were slightly wrong as the source has now replaced them with new renders, complete with an extra camera lens.

Shared by @OnLeaks on behalf of 91mobiles, the renders show four cameras on the back of the phone, up from three cameras on the earlier, apparently inaccurate renders.

Other changes include a slightly different shape and layout for the flash and sensors next to the cameras and smaller bezels seemingly on all sides of the screen.

That last point leaves these new renders looking significantly better and a bit more believable than the old ones – we were critical of the large bezels coupled with the camera cut-out in the screen. The cut-out remains but makes more sense now that the phone is almost bezel-free.

Indeed, all of the other details are the same as before, including a dual-lens front-facing camera, dimensions of apparently 157.5 x 75.0 x 7.8mm (rising to 9mm at the camera bump), and a USB-C port, speaker and 3.5mm headphone port on the bottom edge.

Still not certain

While these renders look more convincing, we'd still take them with a pinch of salt. After all, they were apparently wrong before so could be again.

The extra camera lens is also a slightly surprising change, as while there has been some talk of a Samsung phone with six camera lenses total (four on the back and two on the front) it wasn't clear whether this was the S10 Plus or something else. There have also been other rumors suggesting just three lenses on the back.

So nothing is known for sure, but this could be an early look at one of 2019's highest profile flagships.

James Rogerson

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