Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus leaked renders show a new design and ugly camera

We might have just had our first proper look at the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, as leaked renders seemingly show the phone in full.

Shared by reliable leaker @OnLeaks on behalf of 91mobiles, the renders show a phone that looks different to the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, but not necessarily for the better.

The bezels both above and below the screen look slimmer here, but are still present, and that’s despite also having a cut-out in the screen for the front-facing cameras.

It has been rumored for a while that the Samsung Galaxy S10 range might have a pinhole camera in the screen but, well, because there are two lenses here this is a bit more than a pinhole.

Rather it’s a larger oblong shape that could almost be a small notch if it extended from above the display rather than being cut into it. It’s an odd look that we’re not sure is any better than a notch.

The back meanwhile has a horizontally arranged triple-lens camera and is otherwise fairly plain, though as well as seemingly coming in black, you can also see the phone in an ‘Ice Blue’ color that has a gradient finish, a bit like the twilight shade offered by phones like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

A bigger screen and a headphone port

Other details in these images include a 3.5mm headphone port, USC-C port and speaker on the bottom edge, and a design that looks a bit more angular than the S9 range, leaving it looking more like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The source also includes some information about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Apparently the curved AMOLED screen is 6.4 inches (as we’ve heard before) and has a QHD resolution, similar to its predecessor.

The rear cameras apparently include a standard, wide-angle and telephoto lens, while the dimensions are apparently 157.5 x 75.0 x 7.8mm, rising to 9mm where the cameras stick out on the back. That would make it a similar size to the 158.1 x 73.8 x 8.5mm Galaxy S9 Plus – a phone with a slightly smaller screen than this is rumored to have.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus also apparently has an in-screen fingerprint scanner, a feature which has been heavily rumored. The source also says that the range’s iris scanner has been ditched in favor of a new version of face unlock.

As with any leaks we’d take all of this information with a pinch of salt, especially as these are the first renders we’ve seen of the phone.

However, while this arguably wouldn’t make for the nicest looking handset it is largely in line with the rumors we’ve heard, so the images and accompanying details may well be accurate. We should find out for sure in early 2019, possibly at MWC 2019.

James Rogerson

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