Samsung Galaxy S10 might have more RAM and storage than any other phone

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will probably be more powerful than any current Android phone. But we’re not just talking about an improved chipset, as it could also have more RAM, with the latest report saying there could be as much as 12GB.

According to a report from GF Securities (a Chinese market analysis and research firm) and covered by ITHome, one version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have both 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage.

It doesn’t say which model will get that, but if those specs are reserved just for one then the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the likely candidate.

To put those numbers into perspective, the most RAM currently offered by any phone is 8GB, while the most storage offered is 512GB.

With the help of a microSD card phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can boost that to 1TB, but then there’s a good chance the Galaxy S10 will have a microSD card slot too, taking potential storage beyond 1TB if this report is right.

Possible but unlikely

There’s reason to think this might be true. Some phones have been offering 8GB of RAM for a while now, so it’s not unbelievable that an upcoming flagship would offer more.

Having said that, there are also plenty of reasons to be skeptical. These are big jumps in both RAM and storage and this is a claim that we’ve only heard from one source so far. An early benchmark seemingly for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus also only lists 6GB of RAM.

Even if this report is accurate it may well be that only certain regions get a 12GB model of the S10, with much of the world getting smaller RAM amounts, so don’t count on being able to buy it. We’d expect to hear more reports of these specs soon if there is any truth to them.

Via PhoneArena

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