Samsung Galaxy S10 triple camera leak reveals more info on the trio of sensors

A photo of the current samsung galaxy flagship handset.
(Image credit: Samsung Galaxy)

Samsung's next flagship handset is expected to land in early 2019 and we've got high hopes that it could be one of the most exciting phones of the year. That's why any rumors are bound to cause a stir in tech land and the latest leak about camera specs today has been no exception. 

According to Sam Mobile, a new leaked report claims to detail the camera set-up on the new handset. 

The new specs include a triple camera, including the Galaxy S9’s 12-megapixel f1.5/2.4 variable aperture lens as the handset's primary sensor. The report also details a 16-megapixel sensor with f1.9 aperture and a 123-degree field of view, as well as a 13-megapixel f2.4 aperture sensor. 

Triple cameras, triple models

There's also a good chance that the handset will come in three models. The first would be more affordable and have only the one camera and the other two are tipped to be the successors of the S9 and S9+ with a double and triple camera system.

So in summary, the camera specs seem to point to an S10 handset that is a marked step up from the S9 in terms of shooting smarts.

That's not a huge surprise, as we expect Samsung's next phone to a significant upgrade from its predecessor given the changes between the S8 and S9 were fairly minimal.

But hold your horses. Although Sam Mobile believes the source that surfaced the report has been spot on in the past, like all leaks this one should also be taken with a pinch of salt.

Becca Caddy

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