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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch tipped for August 23

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may be just over a month away with a new rumor suggesting the company is ready to launch the phone on August 23.

A new report from Korean site The Bell (opens in new tab) cites unnamed industry sources who claim that Samsung is set to organize a Galaxy Unpacked event in New York towards the end of the month.

That said, there are various reports at the moment claiming different announcement dates for the Note 8. 

When will it launch?

Twitter leaker @evleaks claims to have heard the phone will be announced at the end of September. Another report from The Bell (opens in new tab) earlier this week suggested the Note 8 may come out in mid-September, which comes from a part supplier for Samsung.

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Right now it's currently unclear when the Galaxy Note 8 will exactly launch, but most sources agree that Samsung will be pushing ahead with the phone sooner rather than later so August or September both look likely.

No matter what, it looks like Samsung will be launching its new phablet quite near to the iPhone 8 so it may be tough to make the decision between Samsung  and Apple's new phones.

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