Samsung Galaxy Note 10 range leaked three times over, including by Samsung itself

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Image credit: TechRadar)

Even if Samsung hadn’t confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 range was landing on August 7, it would be obvious that it’s close, as the flagship is being leaked near constantly, with three new leaks now emerging, including one direct from Samsung.

The Samsung leak comes from the company’s own website, where it mentions that the unannounced range has 'Superfast Charge'.

As pointed out by XDA Developers, this is the term Samsung uses to refer to the 25W charging available on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Samsung Galaxy A80, and is a big improvement on the 15W charging used by the standard Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus.

So this basically confirms that 25W charging is the minimum the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have, but it’s possible it will be able to charge even faster, as 45W charging has previously been rumored.

It’s worth noting that the same page also mentions 'Intelligent Battery', 'Wireless PowerShare' and 'the next-generation S Pen'. None of these come as much of a surprise, but they are confirmation that the Note 10 will be able to charge other devices wirelessly, and optimize its battery life, like previous devices.

Filmed and photographed

Moving on, we’ve also possibly seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus on video. Shared by, the video shows what’s described as a 'Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ testing machine', which might mean non-final hardware, though this close to launch we’d expect it to more or less look like a retail model.

It doesn’t really show anything new, but matches previous leaks, showing a punch-hole camera in the top center of the screen, and very little in the way of bezel.

Finally, a whole wealth of accessories have been leaked by WinFuture and leaker Roland Quandt. 

Notably they include a 3.5mm adaptor, providing more evidence that the phone won’t have a headphone port, and a 25W charger, adding evidence – if more were needed – that the phone will be able to charge that fast.

You can also catch a glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in 'Aura Red' and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus in 'Aura Blue'.

Interestingly, the source notes that as the power button is seemingly on the left edge, the flip cases run the risk of not working as well, because due to the direction they open you wouldn’t be able to hit the button with them closed.

Samsung seemingly solves this problem by placing what’s described as a 'special surface' on the front, which would let you interact with part of the screen through the case.

We would as ever take all of this with a pinch of salt, other than the bits that came direct from Samsung, but this close to launch it’s likely that all these leaks are accurate. We’ll know for sure soon.

Via Phone Arena and PocketNow

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